Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beta? Not for me, thanks.

So, Beta opened last night, which means, based on the length of prior betas, I think we can expect to see Cataclysm dropping on live servers sometime in October. A bit long to wait, but it's good to know that we have a date in sight.

Yesterday, when I logged into game after the news broke, all my guildies were talking to each other to see if anyone golden The Golden E-mail in their mailbox and when I said I hadn't put my name up for the option, they were surprised.

See, while I don't mind reading a bit of the spoiler information, I don't mind oohing and aahing at screenshots or videos from the game, and I'm really not a fan of doing the content twice, once on the test realms and again on live. I'll be repeating it on my alts anyway, and I'd rather see it in a final polished form and enjoy it rather than having to deal about server crashes, incomplete zones, graphical glitches and all of that sort of thing.

I totally understand people wanting to be in Beta, but for me, some of the most fun I had was in playing the first few weeks after 3.0 dropped on live. Going into new zonse and dungeons on my character and panning my camera around, and reading every word of quest text - all of that was so immersive that I just lost myself in the game world for the couple of weeks it took me to get to 80 and I'm excited to repeat that process.

Anyway. If you get into the beta, awesome, I hope you have a grand time! But for me, I'll kick around Northrend a little while longer and I'll see you back in Kalimdor.


  1. I can understand this. I did sign up, but I know plenty of people who want to keep the whole expansion fresh for when it's actually released.

    That is, of course, assuming everyone keeps playing with all this RealID nonsense going on. ;)

    PS - Gratz on LK kill! I'm so jealous, but thrilled for you all!

  2. Idunno if I'm mad enough to leave the game, but I'm certainly irritated.

    And thanks! I'll be in game, if you want to chat about Ol' Lichy.