Raiding After Dark is a space for me to talk about WoW, and the MMO scene in general. While raiding and low-end Arena PvP/BG are my favorite things to do in game, I also enjoy discussing the sociological, cultural and anthropological context of gaming and hope to write about that as well.

Since I started  playing, I've been on the Moon Guard server pretty much full time. I used to Role Play quite a bit but I've given it up and devote my time to end-game content. Still, the server feels like a home to me and the familiar names of old guilds, old friends and the frantic, busy, clutter of Stormwind on a very high population, high activity server is a comfortable blanket to wrap about myself. The city feels alive in a way I think it doesn't on other servers.

If I had to choose, I'd say "Glory to the Alliance!" but I have dabbled in Horde play in the past and wouldn't hesitate to swap over if I had to. That doesn't seem likely as the guild I helped co-found and run, Infinite Turtle Theory, with a dear friend has been doing well and I have no intentions currently to go anywhere, but who can say what the future brings.

The name, by the way, comes from an anecdote quoted in a Stephen Hawking book but the phrase also has a rather extensive Wikipedia entry. If you are looking for a small friendly guild full of nerds on Moon Guard, give us a look.

As for me, I live in New York City with my wife and my (tiny, brand new) son. By day I work as a programmer and by night, when I'm not raiding or playing with my son, I write fiction, play music, draw and enjoy board games and pen'n'paper RPGs. I also recently started writing another blog about, um, my writing. You can follow it here if you wish.