Friday, July 30, 2010

A bit of a break

Idunno what's going on with things lately. We can breeze through ICC 10 with our eyes closed at this point but hard modes outside the basic ones just seem impossible lately. I don't know what's up - either motivation, or boredom, or burnout... I don't know what it is. I made a little speech in raid last night before swapping over to normal modes and a couple of people have talked to me about things... but I don't know what else to say or do about it.

Next week is vacation week for me (I'll be at GenCon!), so we decided next week will be a Ruby Sanctum night on Tuesday and then the guild is free to do what they wish with their ICC 10 lockout the rest of the week.

But I've set a hard expectation that I want to get to 10 to 11 Hard Modes a week by the end of August and work on Hard Mode Lich King throughout September. I'm really hoping the 11 day break from ICC will let people come back in with fresh minds, fresh perspectives and we'll make some real progress again because, as I said last night, I have zero - zero - interest in farming easy bosses.

Once we swapped to normal mode, all the other bosses went down very smooth and easy. At least we got a few more people caught up on the BQ achievement.

Ugh, ugh, ugh.


  1. Hey, Ehr will be at GenCon too! (He has a business trip, but going Fri or Sat I think.)

    Also - mind if I ask, what do you recommend for a 10m guild in terms of Icecrown heroic difficulty? We've started working on them, have Gunship well in hand and are close on Saurfang (only gave it one shot bc we had a couple people who were new to Icecrown). What other ones are reasonable? And which require 2 healers vs three? Thanks!

  2. Doh - I totally missed your message until just now, or I'd've had a beer w/ Ehr.

    Anyway - I just wrote up my thoughts about exactly what you asked for as I had been thinking about it for a while!