Friday, July 16, 2010

Thinking About Cataclysm

Man, dog days of summer indeed. I had 4 people absent this week, and wound up recruiting three new recruits, all of whom have been awesome. I'm a little worried about having maybe one or two too many people, but I'd rather have choice than be short and have to PuG.

Even with 4 subs, we still managed to get 11/12 in one night and taught Lich King to the 3 new recruits. So, not a bad week of raiding at all. Since Malygos was the weekly and I realized we'd never actually done You Don't Have An Eternity, we decided to knock that out and called it a week. I've also been kind of burning out on ICC so next week I set up Ulda 10 hard modes for an off night, let's see how many folks show up for that. Maybe we can wrap up our Rusted Protodrakes achievement (One Light In The Dark!) and get a few more folks the Starcaller title from Algalon, maybe.

I've also been thinking of promoting someone in the guild up to Officer status to help us out - he's one of our most reliable and knowledgeable people and he loves the game passionately, and I have a lot of trust for him. Will need to talk to our GM and pitch her the idea before speaking with him.

Anyway. Moving on.

With Cataclysm coming up, I've been encouraging folks to figure out what they want to level first and what role they want to play at 85. Because I know I've been thinking of switching to Retribution full time. That would be a HUGE change for me. I've always tanked but the last few months of play have been interesting in that they make me appreciate the game from a different side (DPS) and I've been enjoying it tremendously.

I'm not 100% sold on the idea, but it is something I'm considering seriously. I think it'd be a lot of fun.

But the thing is... I said almost the exact same thing regarding my main at the end of TBC. I thought my Bear Druid would be my main and tank as main spec in WotLK but I just fell in love with my Paladin after 3.0 hit live and completely switched over to him.

As it is, these are my alts ranked in scale of interest I have for playing them:
  1. Death Knight for Frost DPS - based on the new talent trees released, they look to be in a really interesting place and with their ultra-fast locked GCD style of play, could be a lot of fun
  2. Druid who mostly heals as a Tree now, and with the promised changes, might become an even more OP healer
  3. My 72ish Warlock is just a joy in PvP and in PvE as Affliction and I love the aesthetic of the class, plus, it'll give me a chance to race change her to Worgen and be a foxy warlock
  4. There is my mage at 80 who mostly serves to make me flasks and stuff, but he was my first character in WoW and maybe I could swap to him in Cata as we don't have any mages in our guild right now
  5. And finally, I *could* just finish leveling my 65 Warrior if I wanted to go Fury and top meters all day long
And so, my poor Paladin with close to 6k Achievement points and my most progressed character is competing for attention against all these classes.


  1. FWIW - you might get bored with Fury, it's a fairly basic rotation. (I have an 80 warrior, though I don't play her a lot.) Because of the above, she's arms.

    I'm in a similar boat in terms of what to play. I think my favorite role is tanking, though I also hate melee DPS. So hm - I'm kinda thinking about a druid for a new main, giving me the option of tanking when I want to tank (or hubby needs me to tank stuff for him), and ranged DPSing if tank spots are full. I know at least two of our current tanks are staying with those toons, so no spots open unless we stay with two teams - and that just feels like SO much work.

    On the other hand, it's really weird to think about switching to a class I've really played very little of! Heck, the poor boomkin isn't even Icecrown geared yet, that's how little she's been played. I probably should muck around with her some and see how I like it...

  2. I've only ever played Arms or Prot on my warrior.

    Thing is, if I play my warrior seriously, I'd want to do it as a Worgen. And if I wanted to be Worgen I'd reroll. So that pretty much precludes him being my main for a good, long while.

    I love melee classes, tanking or DPS, it's my favorite thing in the game (Except kitty-DPS or rogues, I have little experience with those two). I don't *mind* playing a mage or warlock per-se, and leveling as both is a blast, but I don't know if I'd enjoy raiding as either.

    I think I'll stick with what I know and maybe raid on another alt later. And yeah, I wouldn't worry about gear, the reset looks to be pretty brutal and hard. Dungeon Blues for ICC Epics make me sad.