Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paladin Tier 13 and Multi Specs

Is it me or is Blizzard in love with exorbitantly winged helms this tier? Compare the helm this time around with the Death Knight helm from Tier 12.


Unlike a lot of non-paladins who are poo-pooing Tier 13, I actually like it quite a bit, the color-scheme is subdued but still noble, the shoulders and helm manage to look very ceremonial - I imagine it's the kind of thing you'd wear before a grand ceremony.

Laying swords on shoulders to create Knights, bowing with a long white cloak to receive blessings from the Bishop. Sitting atop a white horse leading a parade. Or just giving a speech to rally the lost, exuding the powerful image of a white-knight to inspire and uplift the broken and huddled masses. Can't you just see that white armor glowing when the Paladin casts Holy Radiance?

Does it sound like I'm talking a bit like a Holy paladin? Don't tell anyone, but I've been futzing and tinkering with a holy set. I respec'd the other night and ran a couple of heroic and didn't kill anyone - and it was even fun. I would kill for a triple spec (or even unlimited specs) just to be able to try out different play styles. In an ideal world, I'd have the following on standby at any point:

1. PvE Protection Raid Progression (for Single Target tanking and survival)
2. PvP Retribution (For Arenas & BGs)
3. PvE Holy (For Dungeons & fill-heals during Raids)
4. PvE Protection Dungeon/Farm Raids (for AoE tanking and damage)
5. PvE Retribution (For off-spec play in encounters where we only need 1 tank)
6. PvP Holy (To putz around in)

They're ordered in my play-style preference right now. And I would happily pay incrementally more gold for each spec. And having a lot (a lot) of off-spec holy-gear that I've soaked up helps as well. I think my Holy set is about at par to heal through up to Domo probably. My Holy set which is, like, my fourth set of gear? - let's see - Protection, Retribution, PvP Retribution and Holy, yep, fourth set, not counting off-set pieces for mitigation or threat or whatever. I'm addicted to hording gear. Help.


As for raids? Well. Let's just say Monday Tuesday night we cleared through 6 bosses in 2 hours and the only wipe we had was when I pulled 3 trash packs at the same time like a douche-bag. But you know what? I still had fun. And I know once everyone feels like giving heroics a shot, it'll be back to painful progression again, despite the nerf to heroics. And hey, this way, at least we'll be decked out in heroic raid gear when we face up to Tier 13.

I'll chalk this one up to a failure, and try to do better next tier. See? I can sound like a grownup sometimes. Man, this was a rambling post.


  1. Glads ta hear ya had fun. Kinna's guild went from 1/7 ta 3/7 this week, thanks ta the nerfs, and she had fun too. She also says she's down with the pally T13 as well.

  2. It was a good time - not as mindless as T11 but a lot less hectic than it was pre-nerf. I don't think my guild needed these nerfs, but menh. We already killed 6/7 pre-nerf so I'm not too worried about it at this point.

    I think most guilds shouldn't find at least getting to Rag to be too difficult - a couple of weeks to collect gear and they should start rolling over the other bosses. :)

  3. I completely agree with you on the tier, my mouth hit the floor when I saw it. I have been complaining for years that the paladin sets don't look anything like a "Holy Knight" but this set finally FINALLY comes through. I'm protection/ret so I'll have to buy the matching pieces just for transmoging but it's worth it, this set is so beautiful.

  4. Yep - that was always my one big complaint about protection paladin gear - our off-set pieces *never* matched up to our set pieces. The colors were horrifically off sometimes. Thankfully this tier, as Prot I'm using the off-set chest piece and I can hide it with a tabard, but Tier 11 with the bright blue armor and the blck belt was hideous.

    Hurray for buying holy-set pieces to transmog!

    I wonder if you can buy a piece, transmog with it, and then return it.... >.>