Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now what?

The nerf lists finally made an appearance today and man, they're taking the entire tier out at the knees. It's tremendously disappointing to me that we didn't clear Ragnaros, though things weren't helped by all the other crap that hit us in the meantime.

We lost our third healer two weeks ago and haven't had a third healer in that time other than our top DPS respecing to fill the slot really, really, really set us back. The last two weeks let us barely squeak past Domo on the second night let alone get 6-kill nights like I was expecting to after we cleared through Domo the first time and realized how simple things should be getting. Our third healer situation got so bad we wound up 2-healing Alysrazor just to make it go faster and it actually worked out just fine.

Though starting tonight I imagine it really won't be necessary to three-heal anything but maybe Baleroc, Beth'tilac and Domo. Or maybe we'll just do everything with three so that the night has that much allowance for mistakes...

I'll be frank, this has really taken the wind out of my sails. Even two weeks ago, I was dedicated to achievements, kills and getting a few hard-modes down before 4.3 but now it all feels worthless and pointless and I'm spending less and less time logging in or playing other games instead.

It's not even a hardcore/casuals thing honestly, it's a disappointment in myself and not achieving the goal I set out for myself a few weeks ago. A lot of my guildies seem to see this as me being upset with them, or with their performance, or me being critical of them, or of our server ranking, or whatever else, but it has nothing to do with any of that.

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to achieve what I wanted to in the game, and now I'm looking at months of farming nerfed content with Heroic Ragnaros being the exception, and he's the other end of the pendulum in terms of difficulty - the Heroic Lich King of this tier that guilds will throw themselves at for months just to squeeze out that one kill.

A lot will depend on the raid tonight - if it feels like T11 and is just a faceroll as I'm expecting, then we'd better at least get Rag down, so I can, with my tail between my legs, go into Heroics next week and never look back.

But right now, I don't know. I don't know. Raiding is why I play this game. If I don't enjoy the one raid left to me, why am I logging in?


  1. Saif,

    I feel like every time I leave a comment, it's some sort of commiseration. I will be the first person to say I am new to this game (just started around Christmastime) but I've progressed pretty far, especially considering my length of subscription. I had basically quit Warcraft at the end of August because I was tired of the grind for marginal upgrades. It's different when you're leveling because you see marked increases in power, and the loot upgrades once you get into Cataclysm are pretty noticeable as well. You've always got something to work on... and I actually enjoyed the 4.0 dungeons and heroic dungeons, especially when they were gear-relevant. I hadn't tanked heroic Lost City after the 5-man content nerfs because I was leveling a mage (whoo mage! what a borken class {see, so bad it even breaks the word BROKEN!}) and the first time I tanked it after the nerfs and everyone's general gear upgrades... it was a joke. I chain pulled packs of mobs, I didn't have to do hardly any tactics on the bosses, I didn't even have to kite the harbinger! It blew my mind, lol.

    But I've been leveling a babydrood and I love it, lol. Healing is such a different game, and the DPS is different even from my mage. Not to mention... it's SICK deeps. So I'm twinking the crap out of him: only level 75 and has max alchemy, has the int trinket, rainsong, the molten front bs recipe hammer, an epic leather belt (I think it's the old leatherworking one), the justice points boots, and I'm working on the valor points bracers. I will crush instances and probably PUG raid as both pretty well. t11 content was super easy to pug after the nerfs. I had never led a raid before, but I basically led all of Throne after having only successfully participated in it twice.

    Maaaaybe you need to see the game from a different perspective :)

    Or maybe it's time to move on, I dunno. I'm also mostly back because my cousin is playing again, and he's the reason I started playing (and then quit, asshole... lol). So I dunno. We'll see where the babydrood goes (named Daswoot, haha!) and I may level another character. I kinda like Outlands, not such a big fan of Northrend, but I really enjoy the Cataclysm content. Maybe I'm weird?

  2. Hey dude - thanks for taking the time to write this! I appreciate your thorough feedback. :)

    I think a lot of the stuff you're talking about does help - alts and PvP always manage to save the game for me when the raiding game starts to die out. Right now I'm on 4 arena teams between 2 characters and I'd love to get into some regular Rated BGs but yeah. Alts do help, and I love raiding on my warlock.

    We're doing an alt/pug FL raid this friday and I'm excited for that.

    And after raids this week, I'm mostly okay with the nerfs. I can live with them at this point. I got to 6/7. I'm willing to shrug and move on. We'll do better next time.

    And as for your progress - I think it took me about a year or so after I started playing to even BEGIN raiding. It was crazy back in TBC days - I have fond memories of Kara and my bear-druid-tank.

  3. Speaking of Kara and your furry butted tank... We've been farming it of late for transmog stuffses, and that damn trinket you were pining for dropped off Morose this week, and me and Heath were all "ahh... them were days..." When we raided for shiggles, not progression, and every boss kill was treated like an EPIC achievement :) First, and best, raiding fun I ever had.