Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Patch Post

What? I like alliteration. Don't judge me.

My patch-day-jitters were ill-founded, and though I still hold on to some trepidation, things seem stable for the time being. I think we have - more or less - a steady group at this point with only one or two floater spots and I hope to fill them in soon. We even picked up a new Hunter on Tuesday night. Anyway. Enough of that - let's talk about how the last couple of days have been.

After two nights of using Holy Shield - I'm still getting used to having an extra cool-down. Trying to figure out when to use it is interesting, I keep expecting to use 3 Holy Power immediately to keep Holy Shield rolling, but of course, I don't need to. Using it as a mini-cool-down every 30 seconds is fine, but I keep finding myself wishing I had it up again right after I use it and the cushion drops after 10 seconds. I'm going to need a lot more practice before I'm comfortable with this little bastard.

Right now, I suppose I'm happy to have it rather than just loosing 10% damage from blocks, which Blizzard could easily have done and called it a day.

TIER 11 in 4.2:
I wanted to do one last run-through of Tier 11 and grab a few items to slot in those blues, and boy howdy, the nerfs are something. The most common comment from healers? "I'm bored", and "I'm swapping to DPS." I'm pretty sure everything can be two-healed with a steady and solid group (except maybe Nef) and pretty much any mistakes you are making can be covered by three healing everything and just blunt-DPSing through the mechanics. We were breaking prior kill records by a minute to two all over the place. Though I suppose it's now tuned to people in blues and a few epics rather than a team with an average iLevel nearing 359.

We finished all of Bastion of Twilight in a little under an hour and all of Blackwing Descent in a little over one hour. The only wipe we had was on Nefarian when there was a miscommunication in Phase 2. Anyway. If you've been waiting for Tier 11 - now is your time!

The raid itself is... well, not lovely, but it looks epic, and the layout is well-designed, I'm not quite sure how big it all is, but it feels roughly the size of Stormwind, maybe a bit larger. It's on par with Molten Core, AQ 40, Black Temple, and  Hyjal anyway, in terms of sheer space. The amount of trash is also a pretty shocking sight to take in at first, even after BoT's trash-filled rooms. And it's fun trash - for the most part you can just pull, AoE tank and burn it down, and when we did use CC it made the trash stupidly easy. The Hellhounds are the only except, and treating them like the kitties from Ulduar's Crazy Cat Lady helped.

It took us about two hours to clear up to Shannox without really pulling aggressively with a couple of wipes, and we did a pull or two wondering why taunts were not working (hint: they're taunt-immune) before we lost a healer and with the 2-hour trash re-spawn looming we had to run out and reset. Only later did I find out the Shannox trash was on a 4-hours lock out. Cest la vie.

We pulled much more aggressively and got all the way up Beth'tilac in about 30 minutes, which was much more reasonable. A few pulls went into Beth but we had trouble figuring out DPS balance between Drones, Spiderlings and Spinners, and with raid-time looming and people being tired, we just killed some more trash to get everyone up to Friendly with the Avengers of Hyjal so that they could pick up cloaks.

Aside from rep, there were some trash drops. My co-tank picked up the Scales of Life trinket from trash, and I picked up the Tanking boots pattern for my Blacksmith so I'll be crafting those once I get my hands on some Living Ember. By the way, the tanking cloak from Avengers reputation vendor is terrible for Paladins with Parry and Hit. Ugh. The quest reward is significantly better with Dodge and Mastery. I have both enchanted and am swapping them to see which I like better - the higher stat budget, or the purely better stats.

This is our three-night raid week so we will go back in tonight and I'm hoping we can kill one of the two bosses we saw last night which will give us a head-start for next week. I'll report back with details once I've hammered some out - likely after next weeks raid.

Good luck out there!


  1. Good luck! Firelands looks awesome but I've had to sit it out so far (too many for one group of 10, not enough for 2 10s or a 25 :-/)

    I'm excited and disheartened by the t11 nerfs. On one hand, I'll be able to replace some of my more lame gear (not a whole lot, but still there) and get general raid experience. On the other hand... the only thing I wasn't able to clear in t11 was Nefarian, and so when I -do- get Defender, it will look like I'm a scrub.

  2. Thanks! You're having the opposite problem - you have too many raiders, I'm always short one or two! :P

    It has been pretty fun to claw through the raid, though last night was a cluster of bugs and glitches - mobs with stacked debuffs that didn't drop off, other mobs not using abilities they're supposed to... still, fun. Even if they blocked a couple of bosses we couldn't get to.

    And I wouldn't feel too bad - Nefarian was probably the hardest boss in the game pre-nerf, so there's really no shame in it at all - Cho'gall and Al'akir were no pushovers either. :)

  3. Yar! Finally downed Nefarian (with 3 or 4 others who had him on progression or 'I've never been here before' status...) so I'm now the Defender of a Shattered World!

    Also, we downed Shannox and I got the 2-hander axe, which was a nice upgrade.

    As for people, well... :-/ we're supposed to be a 25s guild and I've never done a 25 with them. At least we are guaranteed enough for T/R, with sort of an in-house pick up raiding style on the weekends.

  4. Congrats!

    Shannox is a fun fight, isn't it?

    25s do seem to be the minority these days. Sometimes I imagine it might be fun to try them out. But then the organizational stuff rears its ugly head.

    I did enjoy 25s during Wrath. Good luck on your continued progression! :)

  5. I know you're a fellow PuG tank... so I thought you would appreciate this.

    Last night I led a raid into the Bastion of Twilight with a couple guildies and the rest PuGs. At least half of the group had this raid in 'progression' status. (For example, some of them had never before defeated Valiona and Theralion and never even seen the Elementium Monstrosity.) So I was particularly proud of our group when we made it to Cho'gall and got him down to like 3%. I would have stayed to finish it (we wiped... several times at the sub 10% mark; if I'm going to wipe a lot on a fight, I'd rather it be sooner in the fight so that we can get started again, haha) but us working folks have to get up early in the morning.

    Looking forward to a Blackwing Descent PuG raid tonight! :3

  6. That is really cool - Council is still a very big head-check, you can't really coast through it like you can Halfus and V&T. Cho'gall is still scary with the add, blood, corruption, tank swaps and worship.

    I haven't dared to do a PuG yet as I'm on an RP server, but maybe I'll give it a shot!