Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Search Terms, also, I Give Up

So, Blogger is kind enough to track traffic sources and I like to take a look at what search keywords were used to route people to my blog. Most of these are quite reasonable, but some are a bit of a stretch and the last... well, I'll let it speak for itself. These are the top search terms that routed traffic to this blog over the last week:

guild experience
Okay, sure I wrote about my Guild Experience blues and what I thought was good and bad about it. This is reasonable. I'm glad my tagging and Google's spiders did a good job of routing people to my blog.

raiding after dark
That's my name, don't wear it out!

she was holding on his hand desperately
Um. Maybe it's a phrase I used in Entombed...? I have no clue why anyone would be searching for a random phrase like that.

valiona and theralion
 Okay, cool, yeah, I wrote a strat for this fight last week. Awesome. I hope it was of some help to someone.

cataclysm progression ladder
Sure, I think I even mentioned almost that phrase exactly at some point, when talking about the path from heroics to raids.

cho´gall boss fight experience
Yep, I wrote about Cho'gall last week as well.

games for alts
Like, games within WoW? How would your alts play games other than ones in the game that they are... in... the game...?!?

hardest raid bosses
I don't think I ever said who was hardest, probably something like "one of the hardest" etc, or something. A stretch.

magnetite mirror tank o dps
 Er. I mention the (amazing and awesome) Tol Barad Trinket Mirror of Broken Images a lot...?

moon guard erp guild
...GodDAMNit! I give up.

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  1. *dies laughing*

    Wow, that's hilarious. And terrible. But so hilarious!

    I like the bit about games for alts too. Uh, what? Haha.

    Loving your raid strats, by the way. :)