Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Reason For Lack Of Posts

My drop-off in posting is directly tied to a drop-off to my time in game! Often I log in and then my toon just sits around doing nothing. I've even begun missing raids here and there, and often, I have to take an AFK while the raid continues clearing trash without me.

It's quite shameful and I'm expecting to be fired from my lofty position as a Raid Lead any minute, now.

And there is someone directly responsible. And it's this guy:

My little son! He was born on October 7th and has become a giant distraction from gaming and blogging. This was the little project I referred to a little while ago in a post as to why I might not be posting or playing as much in the near future.

He hasn't figured out what class to roll yet, though based on the insane level of energy, excitement, movement, physical ambition and strength he displays on a regular basis, I'd say he's going for a Fury Warrior. He spends all day in Berserker Stance anyway.

What a betrayal! Doesn't he know his dad plays a Paladin? For shame!


  1. Congratulations! That's an awesome reason for missing some WoW time. I'm sure some day he'll see the light and roll a Pally just like his dad.

  2. Awww! He's beautiful! We're so happy for you. =D

  3. D'awww. He is adorable! Congratulations, Saif! That is awesome. I love his scrunchy little face. He will be raid leading in no time. :D