Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gear Priority For Tanks In Mogu'shan Vaults

Yep, another tanking gear post.

As we trudge through Mogu'shan Vaults, one of the things we need to keep in mind is that we're going to be short some gear that doesn't drop in the vaults at all. For example, there is only one tanking trinket and ring that drops from the raid, and there are in fact, no tanking cloaks, helms, or legs that drop from the raid at all.

With the addition of the Charms of Good Fortune, I don't imagine that getting all the drops will be difficult by the time we get access to Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring; but we won't be able to replace the dungeon blues from Mogu'shan Vaults alone. However, we will have 3,000 valor at the end of this week and about 5,000 valor by the time the new raids launch, and I think we can be smart about where those points go to maximize our gearing strategy. Let's take a look then, at what we do get from the raid.

Item Source Slot Type
Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance Boss Drop Chest Armor
Sollerets of Spirit Splitting Gara'jal the Spiritbinder Feet Armor
Shoulderguards of the Unflanked Boss Drop Shoulder Armor
Star-Stealer Waistguard Boss Drop Waist Armor
Bracers of Six Oxen Feng the Accursed Wrist Armor
Beads of the Mogu'shi Boss Drop Neck Amulet
Band of Bursting Novas Elegon Finger Ring
Vial of Dragon's Blood Egeon Trinket Trinket
Elegion, the Fanged Crescent Elegon One-Hand Weapon
Steelskin, Qiang's impervious Shield Boss Drop Shield Shield

That leaves us with a few gaps and here is where we can fill them out.

Item Source Slot Valor
Gloves of the Overwhelming Swarm August Celestials Hands 1750
Yi's Least Favorite Helm Shado-PanHead 2250
Kovok's Riven Legguards Klaxxi Legs 2250
Yi's Cloak of Courage Shado-Pan Back 1250
Alani's Inflexible Ring Golden Lotus Finger 1250
Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage Shado-Pan Trinket 1750

That's a net sum of 10,500 valor points which is 10.5 weeks of capping valor, which is six weeks into the opening of the next two raids. Assuming you don't get lucky with drops from Sha or, like me; are willing to swap in some DPS pieces as long as they don't have Crit on them. Hit, Expertise and Haste are all great for Paladins right now.

I'll go into the why of it a little bit more in another post, but Theck has covered it plenty over at Sacred Duty. But briefly - with the way Active Mitigation works, keeping Bastion of Glory stacks up through Shield of the Righteous is our highest priority and the best way to do it is to hard-cap Hit and at least soft-cap Expertise for Holy Power generation, and any Haste you can get will reduce the cooldown of Crusader Strike and Judgment letting you get HP that much faster.

Anyway, if you are willing to use Haste items and reforge the crit away, your options broaden a bit, but please be fair to the plate DPS in your raid, and let them get their main-specs geared out before you roll on that gear. Yes, Haste is very good for us but any good raid will prioritize DPS over Tanks on actual DPS gear.

Item Source Slot Type
Starcrusher Gauntlets Elegon Hands Armor
Nullification Greathelm Feng the AccursedHead Armor
Jang-xi's Devastating Legplates Boss Drop Legs Armor
Cloak of Peacock Featehrs Feng the Accursed Back Cloak

So, there you go. Hopefully it helps you plan out your Valor purchases and be in the best gear you can get before Heart of Fear comes out in November. If I've missed anything, please let me know! I deliberately didn't go into the crafted gear and such as it's ridiculously expensive right now.

Personally, I've been very lucky and got the tier tanking legs and the PvP gloves from Sha so that's two less items I have to purchase. I picked up the ring first as I was still using 450 item in that slot, and I'll probably grab the helm second (next week) and the trinket third leaving me with the hands and cloak to upgrade when Heart of Fear launches. I think I'll be okay to wait on those items till then.

Good luck on those Good Fortune rolls! :-)

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