Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raid Master No More

I wasn't expecting this to happen last night, but I quit from my position as raid-lead.

It was in the middle of raid, and a rather embarrassing display of childish peevishness from me for the people in Officer chat, but I'm glad it's done. My guild has been kind enough to tolerate my fit as I wasn't G-Kicked, and there was someone ready to take over right as I pulled out, and we continued the raid and finished what we set out to do.

As I tend to do after raid, I keep thinking about what to do next, and so forth, but I keep being surprised at the idea that it doesn't matter what I think at this point. I'm not in the position to make calls about whether we're pulling a boss on normal or heroic, I'm not in a position to say anything about scheduling, when to call raid, deciding who to sit - anything like that is up to Thistle and Elrahd, and I can just show up and raid, having no more a voice than the rest of the raid.

After two continuous years of raid leading with absolutely no break, it's kind of a relief to finally give it up.

I've been left in the Officer position by the GM and I'm not opposed to playing second string or helping out if necessary, but the people in the guild are just fine, the new RL is going to be great and we're going to keep progressing at the same pace, if not better, with someone who's not burned out.

The germ was planted long ago that I wanted to stop having so much responsibility in game, but it was illustrated in a stark way the last time I PuG'd something with a friend's guild where all I did was show up and DPS. It was fun to just kick back and follow the plan rather than come up with and execute one.


The big question that's kind of hovering above my head is, how long will this last? I know I get itchy about running things from time to time, and I can't seem to take a break from RLing for too long. The last break I had was maybe, four or five months, which was enough time to really refresh me, and even then I was one of maybe three raid leads in a rather large guild.

Between then and now, I tried to follow along in the footsteps of another RL for about a month before I got frustrated with his way of doing things and I just quit and formed the current guild with Thistle.

Since then, if a raid was run, Thistle or I were running things. After last night, it'll be Elrahd and Thistle and I'll be the guy in the back seat, munching peanuts and reading a book, occasionally frowning at the landscape outside the window to say, "Didn't we pass that barn ten minutes ago?"

I hope I don't get too annoying.

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