Friday, February 18, 2011

Why do I blog? (Day 2)

Continuing on the track of 20 (non-consecutive) days of posting...

I talked about this earlier, but initially, I started writing in a blog mostly to catalog my raiding experiences so I could  review them over time and see how I had been progressing. It's kind of funny to think that I've been blogging for nearly a year now about Warcraft, but have more-or-less completely stopped blogging on my old Livejournal. But that's a pretty boring answer. Let's see if I can dive a bit deeper and find some other, more meaningful reason...

February of last year was an odd time in my WoW career. After six months of hard-core raiding, I was getting a bit burned out on guild management as an officer, raid management and dealing with the stress of being part of a 50-plus member guild and managing two different raid groups on four different raid nights. I finally quit, moved Horde-side to play with the guild of an old friend and immediately found myself isolated.

 I didn't know anyone Horde side, my friend was really only playing during raid times, and the rest of the guild was very cliquish. The moment was made abundantly clear when I was running Heroic Occulus as my daily and I got the mount from it, but had no one to tell about it.

I think it was around then that I decided to start writing a blog, maybe just as a way to get out all my social interaction needs that I wasn't getting in game anymore? Perhaps. It's certainly a more interesting answer.

Very shortly thereafter, I came back to the Alliance side, started my current guild with friends and after a short break, I found myself continuing to blog. Raiding After Dark has since turned into a record of how we went from a group of scrappy underdogs who had to PuG half our raid group frequently to finishing up the drakes and building a very strong core of raiders.

The blog continues to served me well as a medium for venting about issues that bug me in the guild, game or general MMO scene; a motivator for competition; a training guide when I write out boss strategies to really solidify my understanding of those fights and a platform to try different styles of writing than I might normally pursue. Man, that was a difficult sentence to structure.

With my first year anniversary coming up next week, I'm hoping to increase my posting rate. While I don't really have many readers, I think only a small handful of folks are even aware of this, I haven't really made any effort at reaching out to the community and advertising my existence or anything of that sort either.

I would certainly enjoy more interaction with people in the blogging sphere, but I'm also sort of okay to write a blog that someone might stumble across occasionally if I'm going on about a topic of interest with some level of lucidity. I know I lack the theory-crafting class-knowledge to really ever be a class-blog of any sort, but hey, if I happen to write something that helps someone, great!

Right now, I'm happy to keep writing and say hi to anyone who waves at me. :-)


  1. I find writing is a good way to let off steam or relax. It's nice to have somewhere to scribble down your thoughts. If someone reads and comments in the end is just a perk/bonus :)

  2. I didn't realize your one year anniversary of blogging (in this blog) was coming up. Happy early anniversary!

    It's neat how blogging can be different things to different people. Some folks want their blog to be the next huge thing and market it almost as if it were a business, and others like it a bit quieter. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. I'm a bit of a comment whore, I can't lie.