Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leveling Whine

So, I've got four max-level characters right now, 3 of them are Alliance side, and 1 Horde side. I also have two characters ~71 that I'm trying to cap before Cataclysm.

My problem is that I'm mostly burned out on the questlines in Northrend and as I'm leveling a Warlock and the Warrior as Arms, it's pretty hard to get queues in any reasonable amount of amount, and BG Experience isn't exactly great.

So I'm stuck with two characters who're staring at a long, long grind, and when Ghostcrawler says Cataclysm will bring a much-needed reduction in XP to get from 70 - 80, I'm wondering if I should just park them here and wait for the nerf.

But here's my issue - I need to level my warrior to 80 just so I have coverage for a couple of professions for my main. He's my miner/skinner and I have a Jewelcrafter and a Leatherworker, both of whom are difficult and expensive to level up with the gathering component. I already have a level-cap'd Alchemist, Tailor, Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Leatherworker, and Herbalist so some of those are covered but I'd love to get my Jewelcrafting leveling quickly and make some money from some good cuts early on.

And to do that, I'll need to level my warrior through Northrend before the nerf. And I am just not up to that grind.


  1. Aww. Professions are what drive my leveling. Then I just can't stop. =P I just got done getting my druid from 70-80 and am now plowing through Northrend again on my mage with Elio's tankadin. It feels kind of slow, and I stick to the zones I like (Borean Tundra, Grizzly Hills, Sholazar), but I just think of all the gold I'm making from questing and the herbs and skins I'm farming up out there. =D Those dps queues are brutal (though they force me to keep questing for that 25 mins), but feel free to poke us and we'll queue up with you, as we've a 73 pocket tank right now. ;-)

  2. I actually really like leveling up professions! The other night, I wound up leveling my mining from 350 to 450 while still level 70 - lemme tell you, cold weather flight lets you do some interesting stuff!

    I got up to 400 in Borean Tundra and then got the rest of the way in Scholazar.

    And yeah, I've done the DB and BT quests so many times I just want to somehow get to the other zones so I can at least get a breath of some fresh air - and I've never done Scholozar so I can't wait to hit 76 or whatever it is you need to be to quest there.

    And thanks for the offer - I'll poke you guys if I start leaking my brains from my nose.