Monday, February 22, 2010


The once noble prime-consort of the Blue Dragonflight, Sindragosa was killed by Neltharion and left to die in the glaciers of Icecrown. Full of hatred for everyone that let her die, Sindragosa's bones lay buried for thousands of years until she was raised by the Lich King as the ultimate Frost Wyrm.

You might have seen her trying to aggro you through the log-in screen for the last fifteen months or so. She also tried to murder you in the Pit of Saron before Jaina or Tyrande yanked you to safety. Now, finally, in Icecrown Citadel we have a chance to strike back at her for all the endless cycles of flap-flap-roar as we waited for the crawling queue numbers to tick down to zero.

After possibly the most annoying trash in the entire raid (I actually liked most of the trash in ICC until I encountered this colossal waste of time and mana), the murder of some frost-wyrm hatchlings (which - explain to me the point of baby dragon skeletons? They're dead so it's not like they're going to grow up to be eviler or anything... I mean, they're cute and all, but still. WTF?) and two mini-boss dragons - one of whom is Rhimefang of Pit fame and another dragon with a name but if she's a named mob from somewhere I'm forgetting it - you finally get to pull the boss... oh, no, wait, she'll actually agro as soon as the second dragon dies. Nevermind.

Also, holy run on sentence, batman.

Pro-tip: Pull the second dragon to the stairs so the raid has time to adjust positioning and the tank doing the pull can get into place without a freakout-scramble-clusterfuck.

Thankfully after that first pull (and wipe) she'll fly up above the platform, patiently waiting for you to descent onto the platform below the stairs.

Anyway. We put in about 2 hours and change on her last night, including a ten minute break where I ran and grabbed my Frost-resist set, realized I hadn't touched it since Hodir, and re-gem'd with Dragoneye's and Epic gems on the spot. Our DPS is generally pretty fucking awesome, and they were epic as always last night, but we still kept running into multiple sub-5% enrage-wipes.

The primary culprit was the 3rd phase unleashed magic mechanic and the tanks (the raid lead, Alex is the main tank, and the bum who's writing this blog, me, helps out) were swapping every time a tomb came down. At the end, we were trying to clean-up even the smallest clip on the DoT pulse to try to get the tombs down faster - trust me, when you wipe at 440k with the entire raid alive due to hitting the enrage, you'll gnash your teeth, fist-pound your keyboard and bemoan getting clipped by the DoT just before you stepped around the tomb.

Anyway, the raid timer ticked down, we were a half hour over the time we normally run so the raid was called and I had a severe case of the blue balls.

She's going down next week. But I still look like I have blueberries danging from my scrotum.

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